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"Umbrella" censored




Google image search onderzoek naar "Umbrella Hong Kong" 2014-09-30 14.14.41

image 2014-09-30 14.15.10

image 2014-09-30 14.14.11


First image in the search results of and


{Please spread and save as record. Police are clearing out the media}

{If you care and know any second language, please help and translate the post }

Source: Live Photo

Garbage bags stuck on street for non-recyclable wastes and recycling

Non-recyclable Wastes, Cans, Plastic Bottles, Paper

(left to right)


I can’t believe this is happening in Hong Kong right now. Trying to raise awareness for some people on here that may not know what’s going on. Here is a live feed for anyone that wants to see the current situation.  

To everyone else that’s out there, please stay safe and alert and be proud of yourselves for standing up to democracy. It’s sad and scary to see Hong Kong people hurt each other. We’re better than this. Remember the diversity and unity that defines us and keeps this city going. No more violence.

Pray for Hong Kong and keep sharing the love.


Click here to watch Stephen Colbert tip his hat to climate change marchers.


Hong Kong democracy protests, September 2014

[sources: BBC, South China Morning Post, Fox News]


on this day one year ago someone sewed a fried egg to a tshirt



Everyone IN NY should read this

Everyone who wants to come to NY should read this

Everyone should read this if you’re thinking about NY in any way, shape or form.

Just leaving New York

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