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If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.
— 出典:John von Neumann (via curiosamathematica)

Isn’t this just a microwave-safe plastic bowl?

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Darkness Dragon 2.0, designed by Tadashi Mori - [video tutorial]

Ok so this is my 2nd dragon, which I made using thin craft/wrapping paper, so as expected it yields a much better result, still not sure about how to do the legs and horns, but otherwise I’m quite happy with it.

Folded by me, from 1 35x35cm square with no glue or tape.

(Also sorry for the awful photoshop, it was really dark when i took these)


Empire State Building lit BIG RED and white to kick off #Cornell150 celebration. Stand up and be counted as a proud Cornellian. Show your Sesquicentennial spirit! 

Developing a better coffee than Starbucks is a simple task compared to developing a better perception than Starbucks in consumers’ minds. In fact, it’s almost impossible — unless Starbucks does something stupid.

Life isn’t like in the movies. Life is much harder. Cinema Paradiso (1988, dir. Giuseppe Tornatore)


This soft, squishy robot can survive fire and ice. Click through to read about it and watch it in action.